Ship Management

Larvik Shipping AS has more than thirty years of experience as a ship management company. We have Specialized in technical and commercial management operating liquified carbon dioxide carriers and complex multipurpose vessels. Larvik Shipping participates in the OCIMF – SIRE and TMSA programs and are approved DoC holders for gas carriers and dry bulk vessels by DNV.

Through years of extensive cargo handling know-how, Larvik Shipping has developed a wide range of training programs and procedures for CO2 handling in ports and during transit. All our officers hold the highest-grade liquified gas certificates and all international certificates required.

Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage

Larvik Shipping has transported liquified carbon dioxide since the first dedicated CO2 tanker was launched in 1988. The transportation demand for CO2 has mainly been requested from the food and beverage industry, but CCUS provides new areas for LCO2 shipping. With years of dedication to the safe transport of CO2, Larvik Shipping aims to take part in the commercial development of seagoing CO2 transportation related to CCUS projects.

Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage is a powerful technological enabler on the path towards a sustainable energy future that is acknowledged in the European Green Deal, and widely seen as critical to achieving a net-zero economy by 2050. CCUS is drawing attention as a technology to collect and store CO2 or use it effectively, and a step toward realizing a low-carbon society. Liquefied CO2 transport plays a key role in the CCUS value chain as a means of effectively connecting collection sites with storage or usage sites.

Other services we offer

Concept Study

Providing studies for CAPEX, OPEX, sustainable solutions, CCS-projects and routing for the optimized transportation.

New Building & Conversion

Planning, designing and selection of shipyard. Supervision of construction/conversion through the building process.

Project Management

Customized projects on behalf of clients demands. Tailormade long term solutions for financing including time chart, bareboat and ownership of new-buildings.


Highly skilled and certified seafarers with specialized training within liquified carbon dioxide cargo handling.

Sustainable Shipping

Lowering the carbon footprint by incorporating sustainable measures such as LNG and batteries.

Ship-Shore Interface

Support for the terminal for the communication between ship-shore. Optimizing and providing a streamline service between ship and shore facilities.


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